Pest Identification Tool

Insects, Beneficials, Diseases, Disorders and Weeds of Nursery Production

Welcome to the Pest Identification Tool

This Pest Identification Tool is brought to you by Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland. The tool is provided to assist the horticultural industries in identifying and treating pest insects, diseases, disorders and weeds. It also includes information on beneficial insects as biocontrol treatments.

You can view the information in the tool on your computer or mobile device. The tool is unique because it is electronic and portable - a virtual library of practical, relevant information at your fingertips. 

You will discover many uses for the tool in supporting your on-farm operations, including:

  • Pest, disease, disorder, weed and beneficial monitoring
  • Management of endemic plant pests
  • Inspection of incoming stock at receival
  • Inspection of stock at dispatch.

Additional information will be added to this resource over time as it becomes available, including more images of host plant symptoms and information about new pest threats.

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The Pest Identification Tool was developed by Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland, with support and assistance from Greenlife Industry Australia, Hort Innovation, and Plant Health Australia.




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